The Report Builder utility is now accessible from within RMS. This will currently only be available for selected sites. Please call the RMS Support Center at (760) 247 0217 for details. Go to File > Utilities > to access the tool. You will be required to login to the database to create a new report session when the utility starts. This is an advanced report writer intended for users experienced with other report writers such as the one in MS Access. Please do not call with general questions about the report writer without reading through the Report Builder manual first. The manual and additional Report Builder information can be found below. Sites not at the processing center will have to download the RMSReports.exe file and install it on any citrix servers or thick client PCs in order to run the utility. The exe file needs to go into the same folder as the winrms.exe file.

Report Templates
Report Builder Class
General Report Help (This is the main program that needs to go into the same directory as the winrms.exe program.)
Report Builder Manual (This is the pdf manual that helps you learn to use the report interface.)
Learn Report Builder   (This program will get you familiar with the basics of report builder.)
Learn Report Builder RAP   (This program will get you familiar with the basics of report builder rap [Report Application Programming] techniques.)
Sample Reports
Loading Reports (Follow the instructions below for loading reports.)

Create a new report by either selecting file and choosing new report or by right clicking on the contents of all folders section on the right side of the screen.

After you new report has been created then choose the Load from File option.

Choose the report file you would like to load and click the open button.

Your selected report will be loaded into the new report you have created.


Telerik Custom Report Video Tutorial