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Virtual Trainings
RMS 3.0 Government Manual Volume 1
(updated 08/2022)
NEW: RMS 3.0 Contractor Manual
(updated 08/2022)
RMS Support Center YouTube Channel Brown Bag Training Slides - 06/2022
RMS 3.0 Government Manual Volume 2 Finances (updated 08/2022) How to Install RMS 3.0 Contractor Mode Kelly McGavran's Help Files for USACE and Contractors Beginner Training Slides - 06/2022
RMS 3.0 Government Manual Volume 3
(updated 08/2022)
How to Create an Account in RMS 3.0 Contractor Mode NEW: Submittal Process Power Point Advanced Training Slides - 06/2022
How to Request RMS 3 as a USACE Employee RMS 3.0 Contractor Mode Training Slides - Credit: Barry Pyles and Ann Sparks (02/2019) Train The Trainer Slides - 06/2022
Complete Zip of Train the Trainer Files Real Property Templates
ACE-IT Fix for CAC not seen in Windows 10 (Requires ACE-IT) DOD MilitaryCAC Certifications (See DoD Certificates Video Below)
Download RMS 3.0 Government Launcher 31 (updated 08/2022) QA QC Deficiency Templates
NEW: Getting Started with Telerik Custom Reports Manual (added 06/10/2021) Download RMS 3.0 Contractor Launcher 31 (updated 08/2022)
Telerik Custom Report Training Video (2021 Oct)
NEW: RMS Quick Reference Guide (09/2022)