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Fast Reports User's Manual
RM Mobile Application Instructions Fast Reports Programmer's Manual
RMS 3.0 Government Manual RMS 3.0 Contractor Manual
How to Request RMS 3 as a USACE Employee How to Install RMS 3.0 Contractor Mode
Complete Zip of Train the Trainer Files How to Create an Account in RMS 3.0 Contractor Mode
RMS 3.0 Government Mode Training Slides Credit: Barry Pyles and Ann Sparks (NEW Feb 2019) RMS 3.0 Contractor Mode Training Slides - Credit: Barry Pyles and Ann Sparks (New Feb 2019)
Fast Report Templates (Landscape/Portrait) Real Property Templates
ACE-IT Fix for CAC not seen in Windows 10 (Requires ACE-IT) DOD MilitaryCAC Certifications (See DoD Certificates Video Below)
Kelly McGavran's Help Files for USACE and Contractors (NEW DOCUMENTS) QA QC Deficiency Templates

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***** New RMS Launcher as of 08/20/2019 - Patch 29 - please update - both USACE Government and Contractors! *****

Please note, Government users, if you've installed the ACE-IT approved RMS 3 Launcher, you do not need ACE-IT to update to patch 29 of the launcher. ACE-IT gives users full permissions to the RMS3 folder when installed from ACE-IT first.

Government users who have never had RMS3 installed before will need to have ACE-IT install RMS 3 or go through the apps portal to install RMS 3.

Click here to download the RMS 3.0 (patch 29) Government Launcher

Click here to download the RMS 3.0 (patch 29) Contractor Launcher

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RMS Training Videos:

Latest Videos:

Please note the new channel for RMS 3 videos! --- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ID-JmaZgePmlrb2zdUOqg

Link to old channel that has all the old videos below --- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsb3UZCjIDHvjoNFuQFfuAQ