Kelly McGavran's Help Docs

Welcome to the Kelly McGavran from Alaska District's Help Page!

On this page are a variety of helpful documents for Contractors and Government users alike. They are in PPTX format (powerpoint).

Assigning Submittal Reviewers GM Mode Creating a Non CAC Account for RMS 3 Contractor and Government mode
Entering in Option Modifications GM Mode How to capture an error message in RMS3.0
Entering Priced sub CLINS GM Mode Creating a Transmittal CM Mode
Setting up a new contract in RMS 3.0 GM Mode Importing Submittals Through an Excel Spreadsheet CM / GM Modes
Signing a Pay Estimate GM Mode Updating QC Requirements - CM Mode
Transmittal Review for Reviewers Design Manually Entering Pay Estimates - CM Mode
Receiving Transmittals from a Contractor GM Mode
Adding a Change Order GM Mode
How to Add NON-DOD Staff to GM Mode in RMS 3.0
How to Update the Government Launcher
Out Processing Transmittals - GM Mode
Receiving a Pay Invoice from a Contractor - GM Mode
Signing and Completing QA Daily Reports
Updating System Milestones
Updating Contract Status
Updating the Contract Status Photo
Contract Status Report
How to Unlink RMS from P2 (NEW)
How to Remove a P2 Link (NEW)
New Process for Out Processing Transmittals after Patch 158 (NEW)